Heat Assault

Heat Assault Monarch Pest Control

bugThe HEAT ASSAULT draws 100% environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid (HTF) out of its reservoir, heats it up in two robust oil fired coil heaters and returns it to the reservoir. The heated HTF is then pumped out of the reservoir through the hoses to unit heaters in the insect eradication area. Fans in the Unit Heaters remove the heat from the HTF and blow it into the insect eradication area. The HTF then returns to the HEAT ASSAULT for reheating. Only clean, dry heat is left in the insect eradication area! Remote temperature probes are used to track progress and ensure that the insect eradication is a success!

The system takes less than an hour to set up and is very quiet; designed for operation in residential settings. There is no smell and no chemical hazards. Plainly put, the HEAT ASSAULT is safe, simple, effective & environmentally friendly - the perfect solution to all bed bug problems from a small residential home, to a large 20 story apartment complex.

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