Services Monarch Pest Control

Monarch offers a range of services for all of your pest elimination needs whether it is residential, industrial, or commercial. We are known for being proactive and dedicated to helping our customers get pest free, and stay pest free. We offer the latest technologies in pest eradication and employ a staff that is hardworking, knowledgeable and experienced.

The first key to your pest problem is properly identifying your pest. Whether you have bed bugs, ants, mice, flies or wasps, Monarch Pest Control has the answer to your problem! We are experienced in correctly identifying the pest and creating a customized insect control program to best suit you. Our professional staff identifies the issues that support the survival of the pest and address those concerns with you. We want to not only make your premises pest free, but keep it that way. We are focused on being proactive about pest issues and are dedicated to customer satisfaction! We focus on using an integrated pest management program and inspect for issues that support pest survival.

Commercially, pest problems contribute to the loss and damage of product, customers, as well as health concerns, structural damage and fines, not to mention the loss of reputation! At Monarch we service and are trusted by many major commercial properties, including large grocery stores, restaurants, manufacturing, food & processing plants, apartment blocks, flour mills, and many more. Just ask any of our clients and they'll tell you how dedicated we are to our customers and our trade.

Monarch is also the exclusive distributor for the Heat Assault 500X, the top of the line bed bug eradication system that pioneered heating top to bottom in order to destroy bed bugs and their eggs in a completely safe and environmentally friendly process.